Manage ad suggestions

Ad suggestions can be initially controlled through the Recommendations page, where you can choose to apply or dismiss them.
  • If you apply any ad suggestions, they'll appear in the Ads & extensions page just like regular ads. If any ad suggestions became auto-applied 14 days after they were created, they'll appear with the tag “Auto-applied ad suggestion.”
  • If you dismiss any ad suggestions, these ads won’t appear, but you may still receive future ad suggestions.

Edit, pause, or remove ad suggestions

Any ad suggestions that you applied, or which auto-applied after 14 days, can be controlled just like regular ads — you can edit, pause, resume, or remove them. Learn how to edit, pause or resume, or remove an ad.

Opt out of auto-applying ad suggestions

If you don’t want to receive ad suggestions that auto apply, you can opt out of receiving them.

For standard AdWords accounts:
  1. Choose Settings in the page menu.
  2. Select Account settings.
  3. Choose Don’t automatically apply ad suggestions.
Note: Opting out of auto-applying ad suggestions means they’ll no longer auto apply 14 days after they’re created. You may still receive future ad suggestions, but they won’t auto apply — you’ll have to manually apply the ads before they start serving.
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