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Create display ads with location extensions

Display ads with location extensions can help drive foot traffic to your stores—closing the loop between your online display ads and your offline sales. 

This article explains how to create ads with location extensions on the Display Network. For instructions on how to use location extensions on the Search Network, go to Use location extensions.


Create a new campaign for display ads with location extensions

  1. Sign into your AdWords account.
  2. Click the Campaigns tab.
  3. Click the +Campaign button then select Display Network only
  4. Choose the "No marketing objective" option. 
  5. Enter the campaign name, bid strategy, and budget.
  6. Check “Extend my ads with location information.”
  7. To show location extension ads only to people who are physically located around your stores—not people who are interested in your local area—click Location options (advanced) and select “People in my target location.”
  8. Click Save and Continue.

Once your campaign is set up, create display ads with location extensions

  1. Click +Ad and select Ad gallery
  2.  Click on General purpose ads then selection the Location Extension format option.
  3. Enter your ad assets.
  4. Click Save ad. Once the ad is reviewed and approved, your new location extension display ad will start running.
Important: Once you have a display campaign set up with location extensions, AdWords may automatically include your business location, hours, and other details within your display ads. In particular, text, responsive, and 300 x 250 image ads might be dynamically converted to the location extension format to help drive traffic to your business locations.
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