About Account Health Score for Search

In Recommendations, Account Health Score for Search measures how well your Search Network campaigns are configured and gives you a set of suggestions that can raise your score and help the performance of your campaigns.

This article explains how Account Health Score for Search works, describes its recommendations, and shows you how to apply its recommendations to your campaigns. 

How it works

In the Recommendations page, you can view your Account Health Score for Search, which measures how well configured all of your Search Network campaigns are (except Dynamic Search Ads). You can then view your Account Health Score for each campaign and review recommendations provided for that campaign. 

Each recommendation gives the estimated benefits of its adoption, and shows the number of points your score would improve by completing the recommended task. Many of the recommendations can be implemented with just one click, while other recommendations take only a few, simple steps. 

After you have run your campaigns for some time, check back in to your Account Health Score for Search to see new recommendations and tips to fine-tune your campaigns. Keep in mind, your Account Health Score for Search doesn't impact or reflect organic search rankings.

Available recommendations

In your Account Health Score for Search window, you might see these recommendations and more:

Ads and Ad groups

  • Use an optimized ad rotation: Show your best ads to get more clicks and conversions. 
  • Add sitelink extensions: Get people to specific pages on your website.
  • Add callout extensions: Promote popular or unique aspects of your business. 
  • Add call extensions: Get phone calls directly from your ads. 
  • Create new ads in your ad groups: Try different versions of your ads to see which ones perform best. 
  • Create new ad groups from existing ones: Group your keywords into themes and create more relevant ads. 
  • Create ads in non-serving ad groups: Enable your ad groups to run by creating ads for empty ad groups.
  • Add keywords to your ad group: Get your campaign running by adding keywords to your ad group. 

Keywords, targeting, and reach

  • Show your ads on Google search partners: Extend your reach to non-Google websites in the Search Network.
  • Add negative keywords: Prevent your ads from showing on irrelevant searches. 
  • Set up conversion tracking: See which clicks turn into customers.
  • Improve your mobile site: Make your website mobile-friendly to stop losing mobile customers. 
  • Add more keywords to your ad groups: Expand your keyword list to get more traffic. 

Bids and budgets

  • Use standard ad delivery: Stretch out your limited budget.
  • Set a non-limited budget: Keep your ads running on your busiest days.
  • Use Enhanced CPC: Bid more efficiently for conversions. 
  • Use estimated first page bids: Show your ads on the first page of search results. 

Apply an Account Health Score for Search recommendation

In the Recommendations page, click Get started in the Account Health Score for Search window. Select a campaign, then choose a recommendation. You will be guided through the next steps. 

Why you might not see your Account Health Score for Search

The Account Health Score for Search won't always be available for every campaign at all times. There are a few common reasons why you might not see your score.

If you don't see your Account Health Score for Search in the Recommendations page, be sure to check back again soon.

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