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About the Overview page

This article only applies to the new AdWords experience. Determine which AdWords experience you’re using.

The Overview page lets you review your performance at a glance. It’s the first place you land when opening your AdWords account, and includes a summary of your performance and important insights. You’ll find an Overview for your entire account, as well as for individual campaigns and ad groups. Each Overview includes several summary cards with key metrics. For example, your account Overview page has cards that show which campaign or ad group changed the most, while a campaign Overview has cards showing information about your auctions and top searches. You can adjust the overall date range to change the data on your summary cards.

Occasionally, your Overview pages will also highlight key insights. Insight cards show important changes to your performance that you might have missed.

This article explains the different types of cards shown on your Overview pages.

Get performance overviews in the new AdWords experience

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Before you begin

To learn how to use the various features of your Overview page, read Use the Overview page.

What’s on the Overview

Overview pages include two types of cards. Summary cards show you a general summary of your performance over the date range of your choosing. Insight cards highlight important observations and are not related to the date range you selected.

Summary cards

All Overview pages include a summary card with a line chart that lets you compare the past performance of your metrics. You can compare up to 4 key metrics at a time. Different summary cards will show for the account, campaign, or ad group levels. These cards include:

  • Biggest changes to your campaigns and ad groups
  • Top performing campaigns and ad groups
  • Performance by device
  • Performance by day of week and time of day
  • Geographic location of people who interacted with your ads
  • Display demographic and targeting data
  • Shopping top products
  • Top videos
  • Most-shown ads
  • Performance by keyword
  • Top search terms on that caused your ads to display
  • Auction Insights data

Insight cards

From time to time, interesting patterns in your data may arise. Insight cards let you know about these special observations.

Hourly performance pacing

This card lets you know when your clicks are unusually high or low on a particular day. If you tend to get a certain number of clicks by 4pm on Mondays, we’ll let you know if you’re under or over that amount. This card will show until the end of the day or until your clicks return to the day’s average.

Based on this insight, you may decide to take action by changing your bids or budget.

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