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Take advantage of Ads Added by AdWords

Sometimes, it’s not easy to come up with the most optimal headline or message for your ads. At the same time small variations in the ad can create big differences in performance.

Ads Added by AdWords create these variations of your ad for you, potentially improving your campaign performance.

How it works

You may be part of this pilot because we have identified an opportunity to help some of your ad groups’ performance by adding more variations of your ads. We believe that adding more ads to the affected ad groups can improve these ad groups’ performance by 5 to15%.

Ads Added by AdWords are created by Google based on elements of your existing text ads, such as your headlines, keywords, or other information found on your ads’ landing page. Your reports may show clicks and spend going to these new ads.

As part of this pilot, you may see new ads in some ad groups with the label “Added by AdWords.”

Make the most of Ads Added by AdWords

Once you see the ads with the label “Added by AdWords” in your account, take some time to review the ads. It’s also recommended that the ads run indefinitely, and that you don’t pause your existing ads. See more best practices for optimizing your ads.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know which ads were added by AdWords?
When you sign into your account, the ads will have the label “Added by AdWords.” You can sort the ads by label then analyze the data. Learn more
How does Ads by AdWords impact my existing ads?

If your account is set to optimize for clicks or conversions, it is unlikely that the affected ad group’s performance will be negatively impacted. This setting ensures that Google shows the best matching ad for each search. It is possible that the new ads added by AdWords will show on searches where the ads provided by you were not showing before. It is recommend to keep as many versions running simultaneously as possible to maximize each ad group’s performance.

You don’t have to make any changes to your existing ads. It’s recommended that you don’t pause your existing ads during this pilot. You can pause or remove the Ads Added by AdWords at any point.

Can I add more versions?

Absolutely! We recommend you have as many versions of your ads running as possible to maximize your campaign performance.

How long will the Ads Added by AdWords run?

It is recommended that you leave the Ads Added by AdWords run indefinitely to monitor the performance. However, you may pause or remove them at any point.

Are there additional costs to running the Ads Added by AdWords?

Ads Added by AdWords behave the same way as an ad provided by you. If your ads are optimized for clicks or conversions, Google automatically displays your better performing ads more, so your ad group may perform better as a result of of participating in the program. Learn how costs are calculated in AdWords

Can I edit Ads Added by AdWords?

Although, we do not prevent you from editing the ad, if you'd like to make a change we recommend copying the original ad text into a new ad and then editing the new ad. This way both versions still be present and you can maximize your campaign performance.

How do I opt out?

If you’d like to opt out of this pilot program, complete this form

I have some feedback, where should I leave it?
We love constructive feedback, feel free to fill out this form.
Heard about this initiative through one of my competitors/friends, is there any way to opt-in?
Not for the moment, however, you can sign up on Google Inside AdWords to learn about AdWords updates.

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