Analyze call reporting data

Call reporting allows you to track the performance of your call extensions and call-only ads. You can see general call details, such as the number of impressions your call ad received, phone calls received, and the phone-through rate (PTR).

You’ll also be able to assess specific details related to each call, like start and end time, whether the call was missed or received, area code of the caller, phone call cost, and call type.

This article shows you how to see call data, segment your calls by device, and explore the details of each call. If you’re new to call reporting, start with About call reporting.

Before you begin

Call reporting uses phone numbers (Google forwarding numbers) that track your online ad performance for call conversions, and your number or numbers may change between ad groups and vary over time. For that reason, you can't use your Google forwarding number outside of call reporting and website call conversion tracking.


How to set up columns to see call details

  1. Click the Columns drop-down above the statistics table on the Campaigns, AdAd groups, or Keyword tab.
  2. Choose Modify columns.
  3. From the “Modify columns” window that pops up, choose Call details below “Select metrics.”
  4. Click Add next to the data you’re interested in.
  5. Add the columns you want from the "Call details" category by clicking Add.
  6. Click the blue Apply button at the bottom of the window.
  7. Now you’ll see these new columns with your statistics.

General call data shown in your columns

Here are types of data, with definitions, that you can find in your general call reports:

  • Phone impressions are the number of times your ad was shown with a Google forwarding phone number.
  • Phone calls are counted when calls to your custom Google forwarding phone number are received, either through a call button or through manual dialing. Manually dialed phone calls are counted for your campaigns and ad groups, but aren’t available for keywords and ads. As a result, the number of total calls shown for a particular keyword or ad will not include manually dialed calls.
  • The phone-through rate (PTR) is the number of phone calls received (the figure in the “Phone calls” column) divided by the number of times your phone number is shown (what’s shown in the “Phone impressions” column).

How to segment your calls by device

  1. From the Campaigns, Ad groups, Ads, or Keywords tab, click the "Segment" drop down and choose “Click type.”
  2. Now you’ll see the click types above listed as rows in your statistics table. If you don’t see any, you haven’t gotten any of that type of click.

Call types shown in your segments

  • You can see mobile clicks-to-call, mobile phone calls, and manually dialed calls from laptops, desktop computers, or tablets. These are categorized as "click types" in AdWords.
  • The “Mobile clicks-to-call” row shows the number of clicks from call buttons on mobile phones.
  • The "Clicks" column shows the number of clicks from mobile call ads.
  • The "Calls" column shows the number of calls due to these clicks.
  • The “Manually dialed phone calls” row shows the number of times your custom Google forwarding number was manually dialed from desktop or tablet ads.

How to see the details of each phone call

  1. Go the Dimensions tab and select Call details from the "View" drop-down.

Available call details

You'll find the following details available for each call to your Google forwarding numbers:

  • Start time
  • End time
  • Status (missed or received)
  • Caller area code
  • Phone cost
  • Call type
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