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About affiliate location extensions

If you sell your products through retail chains, affiliate location extensions can help you reach consumers when they are deciding what and where to buy. Affiliate location extensions help people find nearby stores that sell your products.

This article describes affiliate location extensions. For instructions on how to set them up, jump to Use affiliate location extensions.

How they work

Here’s how affiliate location extensions could help you win new customers:

  1. Someone searches on Google for a product

  2. Your ad shows with your affiliate location extension

  3. The person sees the nearest store that sells your product, either as an address or on a map

  4. On mobile, the person can tap to get directions to the store

  5. The person heads right to the store and buys your product

When to use them

If you’re a manufacturer who sells products through major retail chains, you can use affiliate location extensions to help people find nearby stores that sell your product. If you want to advertise your own business location, use location extensions instead.

Easy setup

To set up affiliate location extensions in AdWords, you simply add the extension, specify the retail chains where your products are sold, and we’ll take care of the rest. In contrast to standard location extensions, affiliate location extensions don’t require you to link to a Google My Business account.

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