Advanced verification policies

Our policy

Advertisers promoting locksmith or garage door services in certain areas (and aggregators or others that connect consumers to these services in those areas), must abide by:

This policy applies to all of the employees, contractors (including subcontractors), or other workers who provide locksmith or garage door services in customers’ homes, workplaces, or other properties on behalf of the participant seeking to list their services on Google.

Local laws and regulations

You must comply with all applicable laws and regulations relevant to the services your provide. You also must comply with all relevant licensing or other regulatory requirements, and you are solely responsible for all compensation, licensing, regulatory fees or dues, insurance, or any other related costs and legal duties required of you as a service provider.

Age restrictions

You and each of your customers must be 18 years of age or older.


Employees of Google and its affiliates may not provide services (or help you provide services) that are shown on Google. You can't say or imply to anyone that you're an employee of Google or its affiliates, or that you otherwise work for Google or its affiliates. At all times you must ensure that each member of your team is properly classified and paid according to the applicable employment laws of your jurisdiction.

Advanced verification

You must satisfy Google’s advanced verification requirements as set forth below.

Cooperating with the advanced verification process

The advanced verification process is conducted by Google. When contacted by Google, you and your workers must provide honest, complete, and accurate information.

You also must agree to participate in a video interview and to have that video recorded. If circumstances change after a verification has been completed, you and your workers must immediately provide updated information to Google to ensure you remain eligible to show your listing on Google. You can contact Google at

What’s included in the advanced verification check

The advanced verification process combines a review of your AdWords account, publicly available data such as state and professional license registrations, and video interviews conducted by Google. For the business owner, the check includes inquiries into professional license validity where applicable. At the company level, the check includes inquiries into business registration validity, evidence of fraudulent or misleading behavior on Google, and where applicable, professional license validity.

Criteria for passing the advanced verification check

Verification decisions are based on the following:

  1. Full, complete, and accurate answers to all verification related questions.

  2. Honest and up-to-date disclosures about government documents (Examples: Social Security numbers, federal or state identification numbers, or professional licenses).

  3. No evidence that your business is engaged in fraudulent behavior or is otherwise engaged in misleading or deceptive practices, including an inability to confirm the business’s legal status (Example: falsely claiming you have a storefront or physical location in San Diego when in fact you don’t).

Your company also may be disqualified for any other reason consistent with the verification criteria listed above.

If you have questions about the verification process, please contact Google at

Requesting appeals

Please note that you can always contact us to identify any errors, inaccuracies, or otherwise respond to the results in the verification report. If your application is denied, you’ll receive an email notification at the email address in your application and have the opportunity to be reconsidered for the platform. You may submit up to one (1) appeal per application and if you choose to do so, must submit your appeal within sixty (60) days from the date of the email notification. If you request reconsideration more than one (1) time OR after sixty (60) days from the date of the email notification, you’ll need to submit a new application.

Obligation to provide updated information

After your company has been approved to appear on Google, you must promptly notify Google of any changed circumstances that could affect the outcome of the previous verification. (Example: One of your government-issued licenses expires, is suspended, or otherwise ceases to be current and active.)

To report changed circumstances, please contact Google at


After your company has been approved to appear on Google, you’ll be asked to recertify that approval every twelve (12) months.


When handling all verification related information, Google is subject to its Privacy Policy.


Google may conduct audits to ensure compliance with the Advanced Verification procedures. To remain in good standing, be sure to fully cooperate with all audits.

More information

For more information, please contact Google at

Required disclosures and other responsibilities

Required disclosures

The information you provide to Google must be accurate, complete, and not misleading. Examples include:

  • Any prices that you present to customers in the Home Services unit must be inclusive of all applicable fees, delivery charges, surcharges, and taxes.

  • Offers, services or products should be available (e.g., do not promote deals that are no longer available).
  • Identity and qualifications should be be accurate.

Upon request, you must provide Google and its vendors with proof of licensure, insurance, bonding, and any other related requirements. Google may publicly post these documents.

Occasionally, Google or its vendors may have additional questions about your documents. To remain in good standing, be sure to respond promptly and accurately to these questions.

Other responsibilities

You must protect the privacy and legal rights of your customers. You are solely responsible for the personal data you collect in relation with your services, and you must comply with all relevant data protection laws.

Customer relationships

When you provide services, your customers are not Google’s customers. You can’t claim to work for Google, and you can’t involve Google in any service issues between you and your customers. If a dispute arises, the customer may use Google to find an alternative service provider, but we won’t help resolve any issues between you and your customer.

Google won’t recommend prices or fees for services and won’t negotiate prices with your customers.

You are solely responsible for training, instructing, monitoring, evaluating, and disciplining your workers who interact with customers. Serious or repeatedly negative customer feedback — or repeatedly failing to promptly respond to customer requests — may result in lower rankings (including your listing not showing at all). Egregious or repeatedly inappropriate conduct towards customers — such as fraud, criminal activity, excessive property damage, or related misconduct — may be grounds for immediate suspension or termination.

You are solely responsible for deciding which customers to accept or reject. Google will show your listings on our platform, and the rest is up to you.

Keep in mind

Google doesn't dictate how you choose your customers, so you can’t suggest to customers that Google told you which requests to accept or reject. Be careful not to imply that Google influences the pricing of your services or how those services are performed.

Prohibited practices

The following are not allowed for participants in the Home Services unit:

Excessively contacting/spamming customers

When completing transactions with customers, you may contact them via email or text messages to communicate order status, get directions, etc. But once the transaction is over, you must avoid excessively contacting or spamming your customers. If we receive complaints from customers about your communications practices, it may result in the demotion of your listings (including your listings not showing at all).

Irresponsible data collection and use

We want customers to trust that information about them will be respected and handled with appropriate care. As such, our partners should not misuse customer information, nor collect it for unclear purposes or without appropriate security measures. The following practices are prohibited:

  • Inadequate data security: Using security measures inappropriate for the type of information being collected. Examples: Collecting numbers for credit or debit cards, bank, wire transfers, details, etc.

  • Misusing personal information: Using personal information in ways that customers haven't consented to (for example, reselling customers’ contact information, using images of customers in promotional materials without their consent).

Untrustworthy behavior

We want customers to get accurate information about the services being offered on Google. You shouldn't conceal or misstate information about your business or the services you provide in any way, nor should you engage in any untrustworthy, misleading, or deceptive behavior. Examples include:

  • Enticing users to part with money or information under false or unclear pretenses

  • Presenting a false identity, business name, or contact information

  • Charging users for products or services typically available for free

  • Sites that are "phishing" for users' information

Influencing customer reviews

You can’t alter, interfere with, or otherwise tamper with customer reviews of your services or the services of your competitors.

  • Examples: Requesting multiple products or services from a competitor(s) and cancelling them. Obtaining products or services from a competitor(s) with the intent of altering the experience and/or review in negative way.

Unauthorized use of Google branding and trademarks

You can’t use the Google logo or other brand elements without permission. If you wish to use any of Google’s brand features on your website or other public materials, read Google's brand-usage guidelines.

What happens if you violate our policies

If you violate our policies, you may be subject to one or more of the following:

  • Listing disapproval: If a particular listing doesn’t follow our policies, it may get disapproved. Disapproved listings won't be able to show until the policy violation is fixed and the listing is approved.

  • Suspension: Your listing may be suspended if you have several violations or a serious violation. If this happens, all of your listings will immediately stop running in the unit.

Need help?

If you have questions about this policy, contact Google at

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