About remarketing using Firebase data

You can link your AdWords account to your Firebase project to use the audiences created using Firebase data.

Before you begin

It's not possible to use remarketing lists from Firebase audiences unless your accounts are linked. To learn how to link your AdWords account to Firebase, read Link AdWords to Firebase.

How it works

You can create mobile app remarketing lists based on Firebase audiences, in your AdWords account. Keep in mind, lists based on mobile app data can only be targeted by Display Network campaigns. Below are some lists that will be available by default in AdWords if the account is linked to a Firebase project. Additionally, you can create audiences in Firebase using any combination of events and user properties; for example, create an audience of “Android users who live in Brazil”.

  • Purchasers. People who have purchased an app or made an in-app purchase.
  • All users. People who have installed your app.

Remarketing lists created in Firebase

Any remarketing lists created in the Firebase account are managed by Firebase. The AdWords account holder won't be able to make changes to those lists. If the AdWords account is unlinked, ad groups that are actively targeting lists based on Firebase data will stop running.


Sharing remarketing lists between AdWords accounts

Manager accounts with access to Firebase data can also share Firebase data with managed accounts. The Firebase account admin can share those lists with other managed accounts, or with manager accounts. If at any point the link between the AdWords account and Firebase is broken, then all of the other accounts sharing that data will no longer have access, and the ad groups targeting lists based on those accounts will stop running.

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