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About text ads on the Display Network

Starting January 31, you’ll no longer be able to create and edit standard text ads on the Display Network. Instead of standard text ads, you'll be able to create responsive ads, which are a better way to reach people on the Display Network because they adapt seamlessly to fit millions of apps and websites. Responsive ads can show as several different formats, including text ads.
To reach people with easily customizable messaging, use text ad formats on the Display Network. Text ads are sizeless, so they can run in just about any ad space. The AdWords team is constantly making design changes to help make your text ads more effective.
This article gives you an overview of text ad formats on the Display Network. 

Text ads

Your Display text ads can adjust to the sites they show on. That's because Display Network publishers may customize the font face and the color applied to the background, font, and button of the ad in order to fit their site. If you have a favicon available on your website, AdWords will add it to your text ad, alongside the visible URL. There are 3 types of standard text ads:

  • Full slot: These ads fill the entire space of the ad slot.
  • Partial slot: These ads share the ad slot with other ads (similar to how text ads on the Search Network share ad space with other advertisers' ads). As a result, partial slot ads are typically cheaper than full slot ads.
  • Magazine-style: These ads serve only on the Display Network. The layout, colors, and fonts used in magazine-style text ads are consistent across sites on the Display Network.

Note: If you have remarketing campaigns linked to Google Merchant Center product data, text ads in these remarketing campaigns may automatically be upgraded to dynamic ads. Dynamic ads let you show customers more relevant information including items they viewed on your website. If you don’t want text ads in your remarketing campaigns to become dynamic ads, uncheck the "Use dynamic ads" checkbox in your campaign "Settings" tab. Campaigns that have this box unchecked will no longer serve any dynamic ads.

Native text ads

This text ad integrates with the look, feel, and content of a publisher’s site. To increase the performance of native text ads, we may supplement them with your logo found in your Google+ accounts, or with images from other third-party sources. 

Rich media text ads

Rich media text ads boost their impact with images. We may supplement rich media text ads with your logo as supplied from your Google+ accounts, or with images from other third-party sources to increase the performance of these ads. This ad format's color palette is selected to match the logo or image used in your ad.

Note: To opt out of automatically added images in your native or rich media text ads, fill out this form. Requests are typically processed on a weekly basis.

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