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About AdWords manager accounts

Upcoming changes to maximum account limits for manager accounts

On 15 October 2017, new maximum account limits – the maximum number of active, non-manager accounts that your manager account can be linked to at any given time – will be introduced for manager accounts. 

How maximum account limits will be determined

There'll be a regular review of your managed accounts’ total monthly spend from over the last 12 months – in other words, how much all your accounts together spent each month over the last 12 months. The highest total monthly spend from those 12 months will determine the maximum account limit for your manager account, as shown in the table below:

Highest total monthly spend from the last 12 months Maximum account limit  
Less than £10,000 50
£10,000 to less than £500,000 2,500
Greater than £500,000



Reviews will happen regularly to help ensure that the latest spend totals are taken into account. Bear in mind:

  • All active, directly and indirectly linked accounts (with the exception of sub-manager accounts) will count towards the maximum account limit. 
  • The maximum account limit applies at the top manager account level (accounts that don’t have a direct manager).

How existing manager accounts will be impacted

After the first review, if your current number of accounts exceeds your maximum account limit, you’ll be able to keep those accounts. However, you won’t be able to link additional accounts, or create new accounts, until you unlink or cancel the number of accounts required to bring your total number of accounts under the maximum account limit. For example, if you’re currently over your maximum account limit by 4 accounts, you won’t be able to link or create additional managed accounts until you unlink or cancel at least 4 accounts.


If you’re an agency or someone who manages multiple AdWords accounts, then a manager account is a powerful tool that could save you time. A manager account is an AdWords account that lets you easily view and manage multiple AdWords accounts – including other manager accounts – from a single location.

This article explains the benefits of manager accounts and how they work.

Why use a manager account

With a manager account you can:

  • Use a single sign-in to access all managed AdWords accounts, including other manager accounts.
  • Search, navigate and manage all of your accounts from a single, easy-to-read dashboard.
  • Create and manage campaigns for your managed accounts from within your manager account.
  • Easily compare performance across all accounts and run reports for multiple accounts simultaneously.
  • Use consolidated billing to get just one, simple monthly invoice for all of your managed accounts.
  • Use alerts to efficiently monitor all of your linked accounts.
  • Quickly create and link AdWords accounts from within your manager account.


This video references the previous AdWords experience. Check which AdWords experience you’re using

Who should use a manager account:

A manager account may be a good option for large advertisers with more than one AdWords account. It also may work well for third parties such as agencies and other online marketing professionals who manage multiple client accounts or a large number of campaigns.

Bear in mind that up to 5 AdWords accounts (including manager accounts) can be associated with a single email address. But if you’re managing more than 5 accounts, or want to easily monitor performance or track conversions across accounts from one place, a manager account is probably the best option for you. 

How it works

A manager account isn't an 'upgrade' of your AdWords account. Instead, it's an entirely new AdWords account that you create. Think of a manager account as an umbrella AdWords account with several individual AdWords accounts linked to it. You can link new and existing AdWords accounts, as well as other manager accounts.

You can then monitor ad performance, update campaigns and manage other account tasks for those managed accounts. Your manager account can also be given administrative ownership of a managed account. This allows you to manage user access for the managed account.

Bear in mind, however, that with a manger account, you won’t be able to change proprietary information for a managed account, such as the account’s sign-in information.

Individual account owner experience

After accounts are linked to a manager account, individual users of those managed accounts can sign in and use their accounts as usual. Managed accounts’ users won’t have access to the manager accounts that they’re linked to, or any other accounts that are linked to the same manager account. But users with administrative access to those accounts can terminate the relationship with the manager account at any time by unlinking their account from the manager account.

Inviting other users to the manager account

After setting up your manager account, you can also invite other users to your manager account and give them different levels of access. Learn more about inviting users to your manager account.

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