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About tag and list sharing

If you manage multiple accounts that use common remarketing tags, remarketing and similar audience lists, conversion tags or conversion actions, consider using the Admin tab in your manager account to manage them more efficiently. For example, a company with a different account for each location could use tag and list sharing to share and maintain a single tag and set of lists across accounts.

Use the Admin tab to do the following:

  • Allow managed accounts to use a manager account conversion tag and conversion actions
  • Share manager account remarketing lists with specific managed accounts.
  • Share remarketing lists created by managed accounts with other managed accounts.
  • Allow managed accounts to create remarketing lists based on a manager account tag.

Important: When sharing tags and lists across accounts, remember that you may be sharing confidential or proprietary data. You should only share tags and lists with other accounts if you've obtained permission from accounts that own them and such sharing doesn't violate any agreements that you have with those accounts.

For additional requirements and details about remarketing lists for search ads, see the Policy for remarketing lists for search ads.

Common scenarios

Scenario Is this an option?
You want to share manager account remarketing tags and lists with a managed account, but not share the conversion tag and conversion actions. Yes
You want a managed account to use their own conversion tag and conversion actions, as well as a manager account's conversion tag and conversion actions. No
You want a managed account to use one manager's conversion tag and conversion actions and another manager's remarketing tag and lists. No
You want a managed account to use a manager account's tag as the basis for their remarketing lists, rather than their own tag. Yes
You want managed accounts to be able to use remarketing lists from a manager account and lists created by other managed accounts. Yes
You want to automatically share a managed account's custom parameter activity when you share their remarketing lists. Yes

Bear in mind

  • To create remarketing lists from a manager account, check that you've created a manager account tag and added it to the relevant website.
  • To create or share manager account lists with a managed account, go to the Audiences tab within the manager account.
  • To share lists that a managed account has created, you'll need to set the managed account’s Remarketing account to "This manager" in the Admin tab. The managed account will then need to enable list sharing by setting "Remarketing list sharing" to "on" in the "Account Access" section of their "Account Settings" page.
  • Accounts can only share lists if they belong to the same manager account.
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