Site suspended

A status given to ads or keywords whose landing page violates our policies. These ads can't show until the issue is resolved.

  • Ads and keywords can be marked as "disapproved" and stopped from running if they link to a landing page that violates one or more of our advertising policies.
  • To find out what policy your site doesn't follow, look at the "Status" column on your account's Ads tab. Hover over the white speech bubble Ad disapproval bubble next to "Disapproved" and click the disapproval reason to learn more about the policy.
    Tip: If you see only "Site policy" listed as the disapproval reason or if the "Status" column is showing another status (like "Campaign paused"), enable the "Policy details" column. You'll see a link to the specific policy that your site doesn't follow.
  • To get your ad running, fix your landing page so that it follows our policies. For help, see how to fix a suspended site.

Fix your suspended site

Click Guide me to see the ads in your account that don't follow our site policies. Guide me


How to fix a suspended site

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