Site suspended

A status given to ads or keywords whose webpage violates our policies and therefore can't show until the issue is resolved.

  • Ads and keywords can be marked as "Site suspended" and stopped from running if they point to a landing page that violates one or more of our advertising policies.
  • We'll typically email you to explain which policy was violated and provide a link to more information about how to fix the issue. To resolve the issue, review the policy in question and make the appropriate updates to your website. Then contact us to have your site reviewed again so that your ad or keyword can start running again.
  • Whenever you create or edit an ad, Google reviews the ad and its website to make sure that they comply with our advertising policies and are safe and appropriate for users.
  • Find your ad's approval status by looking at the "Status" column in the Ads tab of your Campaigns page.

How to fix a suspended site
About the ad approval process

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