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Display URL: Definition

The web page address that appears with your ad, typically shown in green text.

Display URL
  • Display URLs give people an idea of where they'll arrive after they've clicked an ad. The landing page that you define with a Final URL tends to be more specific. For example, if your Display URL is, your Final URL might be
  • For expanded text ads, your Display URL consists of the domain of your Final URL (and the subdomain, if you have one) and your two optional “Path” fields of up to 15 characters each.

    • In rare scenarios, your subdomain may not be added to your Display URL. For example, if your subdomain uses a trademarked term, your Display URL may not include your subdomain. Learn more about AdWords trademark policy
    • Google constantly makes changes to AdWords. As a result, Google may update the domain component of your Display URL.
  • Your Display URL may appear in your ad with a "www." prefix in lowercase letters (even if you enter it with capitalised letters). If your URL begins with a subdomain, your Display URL may include it (for example, the support in
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