Display URL: Definition

The web page address that appears with your ad, typically shown in green text.

Display URL
  • Your display URL appears in your ad with a "www." prefix, in lowercase letters (even if you enter it with capitalised letters). If your URL begins with a subdomain, your Display URL may include it (for example, the "support" in "support.google.com").
  • Display URLs give people an idea of where they'll arrive after they click an ad. The landing page you define with a Final URL tends to be more specific. If your Display URL is "www.example.com", for example, your Final URL might be "example.com/sweaters". The domain of your Display URL (the "example.com" part, in this case) needs to match the domain of your final URL.
  • Google can only show up to 35 characters of your Display URL (or 20 characters for WAP mobile ads). If your Display URL is longer, a shortened version will be shown.

Display URL policy
Edit your display URL and landing page URL

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