An ad that can't run because it violates our advertising policies. If you can, just fix the problem and we can start running your ad.

Fix your disapproved ads

Click Guide me to go to the disapproved ads in your account, or read the instructions below. Guide me
  • Whenever you create or edit an ad, Google reviews the ad to make sure that it complies with our advertising policies and is safe and appropriate for users.
  • Find out why an ad was disapproved by looking at the Status column on your account's Ads tab. Hover over the white speech bubble Ad disapproval bubble next to "Disapproved" and click the disapproval reason to learn more about the policy. Disapproved ad
  • To get your ad up and running, edit your ad (and website if needed) so that it follows our policies. For help, see how to fix a disapproved ad. We'll take another look to see if we can approve your ad to run.