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Ad status: Definition

A description of whether an ad is able to run, and if so, whether there are any policy restrictions on how or when it can run.

Ad statuses that you control

  • Paused or Removed -- The ad can't run because you stopped it or its ad group or campaign. You can resume it anytime you like.
  • Pending -- The ad hasn't started to run yet because its campaign has a start date in the future.
  • Ended -- The ad stopped running because its campaign's end date passed.

If your ad campaign or ad group has a certain status, that status will be used for your ad rather than any of the ad statuses below. For example, if your campaign is paused, your ad status will be "Campaign paused." See the list of campaign statuses.

Approval statuses

After you create or edit an ad, it goes through a review where we check if it follows our advertising policies. Your ad has one of several approval statuses during and after our review:

Your ad is still being reviewed (usually takes 1 business day):

Your ad has been reviewed and can run:

Your ad or site doesn't follow our policies and can't run:

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