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View reach estimates for the Display Network

In "Search Network with Display Select – All features," and "Display Network only" campaigns, you can see an estimate of impressions available per week on the Google Display Network for your ad group. The estimates you see when you choose, for example, a specific website for your ad group, are based on your targeting settings and the targeting methods you've selected. Knowing your potential reach can give you more visibility into how the targeting methods you've added to an ad group may impact available impressions.

The estimates you see don't represent the actual traffic your ads will get. Instead, they represent the potential number of impressions available for any advertiser using the settings and targeting options that you've selected for your ad group. The estimates can also show you when there isn't enough inventory for your selection, or your targeting is too restrictive (for example, you've added too many targeting methods to your ad group).

Keep in mind

When you set up a new "Display Network only" campaign, you can see reach estimates when you create an ad group. On "Search Network with Display Select – All features," and existing "Display Network only" campaigns, you can see reach estimates by going to the Display Network tab and clicking the + Targeting button.

Reach estimates don't take into account certain advertiser information, like your budget, bid, or Quality Score. Below you can find more details about what information AdWords uses to provide reach estimates.

Information AdWords uses to calculate potential reach Information AdWords doesn't use to calculate potential reach
  • location
  • language
  • OS
  • devices
  • ad scheduling
  • keywords
  • site category options
  • placements
  • mobile app categories
  • topics
  • audiences (remarketing, interest categories, custom combinations, age, and gender)
  • budget
  • bid
  • Quality Score
  • ad formats and sizes
  • ad extensions
  • advanced location targeting by radius
  • remarketing lists with less than about 3000 visitors

The estimates are based on historical information. They don't reflect seasonal trends or recent shifts in the number of sites and pages available on the Display Network.

Reach estimates for mobile apps

For campaigns that show ads within mobile apps, AdWords shows reach estimates based on individual devices. A unique device identifier can be used to determine whether an ad has been shown on a particular device. This number may not be directly correlated to the number of people who saw the ad because some people may have multiple devices.

Keep in mind

If you use information that reach estimates don't support, then the estimates displayed might be larger than they actually are for your ads.

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