Increase your conversions

If you’ve optimised your cost-per-click, and you’ve set up Conversion Tracking, then it’s time to put your data to use by increasing your conversions. A conversion is an action that a customer takes on your website that has value to your business, such as a purchase, a sign-up or a view of an important page. You can improve your conversions with Conversion Optimiser.

An action a customer takes on your website is called a conversion because the customer's click translated -- or converted -- to business. By tracking conversions -- such as purchases, sign-ups and other types of leads -- you get insight into which ads, keywords and campaigns are bringing you the most business. A logical next step is to invest in the best ones, to boost your return on investment (ROI). You can also use Conversion Optimiser.

Conversion Optimiser can help you maximise your ROI by automatically getting you the most possible conversions for your budget. By using your historical conversion data from Conversion Tracking or Google Analytics, Conversion Optimiser ensures that your ads show more often when you’re likely to get conversions and less often when conversions are less likely. This way, you get more conversions without having to increase your budget.