Create a high-end mobile ad

A "high-end" mobile ad is an ad that can show on mobile devices with full Internet browsers, such as smartphones. You create high-end mobile ads the same way you create regular text or image ads.


If you’ve upgraded to enhanced campaign settings, you can create a mobile-optimized ad with a message, display URL, and destination URL tailored for mobile devices. To do so, select the "Mobile" checkbox next to the "Device preference" setting. Keep in mind that if your ad groups contain ads that are eligible to appear on all devices and ads that are mobile-optimized, only your mobile preferred ads will show to users on mobile devices. Learn more about enhanced campaigns and mobile-optimized ads.

Showing ads on high-end mobile devices for legacy campaigns

Not sure if you've selected the "Mobile devices with full browsers" setting so your ads can show on high-end mobile devices? Keep in mind that if you’re already using enhanced campaigns, your ads will be eligible to run across all devices.

Here's how to check the device settings in your account:

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account at
  2. Go to your Campaigns page and select the campaign where you want to have mobile ads.
  3. Click the Settings tab.
  4. In the Networks and devices section, click Edit next to Devices.
  5. Select Let me choose...
  6. Make sure that Mobile devices with full browsers is checked.
  7. Click Save if you've made any changes. Mobile devices with full browsers
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Mobile devices with full browsers

Examples of mobile devices with full browsers

Looking for a list of mobile devices that have full Internet browsers? Seems like the list changes every day. So many mobile devices are being released, we unfortunately don't have a comprehensive list of all of them. Nor can we provide a definitive list of those devices which currently have full browsers. However, a number of common mobile devices have historically been equipped with full browsers:

  • Safari on Apple iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Chrome on iOS
  • Android (native browser)
  • Palm webOS (native browser)
  • Nokia Maemo (native browser)
  • Blackberry (native browser)
  • Windows Phone (native browser)

We define full browsers as those that can show standard HTML web pages and can support a customer making a purchase from start to finish, including supporting any tracking or Google Analytics functionality on e-commerce pages.

If you aren't sure whether a particular model of phone or mobile device offers a full browser, you can check with the manufacturer or a carrier of that device to see if the device can support HTML pages and e-commerce transactions. Also, keep in mind that we may shorten your ad headline, display URL and description for display on a mobile screen.

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