Choose a bid for your Display Network campaign

Bid types on the Google Display Network help you get the most value from your campaigns by setting just the right price for your ads. Here are the types of bids you can use:

Bidding on Display Network campaigns

Search ads and display ads reach people at different moments. When people are actively looking for something, your search ad may be the answer they need. However, people who see your ad on the Display Network may be browsing a favorite blog or watching videos -- not actively searching for what you offer. Bidding on the Display Network helps you show ads to potential customers in the right place and at the right time.

Clickthrough rates (CTRs) are often lower on the Display Network, because it can be harder to get a reader's attention. That's why Display Network bidding exists: to let you set a Maximum CPC bid for clicks that happen just on the Display Network. You get more control over your costs and you can make sure your bids fit the value you get from your ads.

Choosing your first bid

To find the right bid on the Display Network, you can make a starting bid, see how your ads perform, and then edit it. If you don't set specific bids for your targeting, AdWords will use your ad group's default bid.

After you make your first bid, wait for a few days and then go to your account, and on the "All campaigns" view, find the "Totals" row for the Display Network. There, you'll see the number of impressions, clicks, and costs for your ad. You might start by asking "is my ad getting clicks?" and then, "do those clicks lead to the results I want?" We recommend you continue to monitor impressions and clicks, but it’s most helpful wait a couple weeks before making too many changes. If you edit your bids too frequently, you might not be able to assess your performance accurately.

Keep in mind, your ad performance on the Display Network does not affect your rank for search ads. And lower CTR on the Display Network doesn't affect the Quality Score of your ads for search.

If you’d like to see if those clicks on your ads turn into action on your website or calls to your business, you can use Conversion Tracking for better insight.

Bid adjustments

You can also set bid adjustments for better control over when and where your ad appears. Bid adjustments can be set at the campaign level (for mobile devices, times, days, and locations) and can also be used to bid more competitively for specific targeting methods, like placements or interests, in your ad groups.

When you go to your campaign ad groups, you'll see the "Bidding" drop-down menu above the statistics table on the Display Network tab. From this menu, you'll be able to set bid adjustments for one targeting method in your ad group.


Google may charge you a service fee if your campaign targets interest categories on the Display Network. If you're charged a service fee, your maximum bid is reduced before the auction and the fee is added to the closing auction price. Learn more about the Display Network ad auction.


If you can't click the word "auto," that means you've selected "automatic bidding" in your campaign settings. Edit your bidding and budget settings to choose your own bids.

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