Promote your products with Product Listing Ads

Product Listing Ads allow you to include an image, title, price, promotional message, and your store or business name inside your ads, without the need for you to create unique ads for each product you sell. Product Listing Ads show a set of relevant products for a given search. The ads appear in their own box on Google Search (separate from text ads), on Google search partner websites that display and link to products for sale, and on Google Shopping.

Here's what Product Listing Ad search results might look like after a Google search for "fish bowl":

Product Listing Ad

You can see that these ads show product details plus other information, including Google Trusted Stores badges and special offers. See below for more details about adding other information to your ads.

Before you begin using Product Listing Ads, learn more about the following:


Product Listing Ads can appear on Google Shopping and Google Search in these countries: the US, the UK, Australia, Germany, France, Japan, Italy, the Netherlands, Brazil, Spain, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic.

Product Listing Ads only appear on Google Search in these countries: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, India, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Turkey.

What you need to do before you begin using Product Listing Ads

Before you begin using Product Listing Ads, you’ll need both an AdWords account and a Google Merchant Center account. Your Merchant Center account lets you manage your product information, while your AdWords account helps you manage your ads and campaigns. If you don’t have one already, create an AdWords account today.

Then you'll need to do the following:

Benefits of Product Listing Ads

  • More traffic: Many businesses experience significantly higher clickthrough rates (CTR) with Product Listing Ads compared to text ads shown in the same location for shopping-related searches. In some cases, advertisers have experienced double or triple standard clickthrough rates.
  • Better qualified leads: As a merchant, you can increase the quality of your leads by featuring product information directly in your ads to help shoppers make informed purchase decisions. This makes shoppers more likely to complete a purchase on your site.

    For example, when Sally does a Google search for "fish bowl," she might see Product Listing Ads like the ones shown above. She can tell which fish bowl fits her taste just by looking at the picture. She can also quickly see whether the fish bowl fits her budget by looking at the price. This means that by the time Sally clicks on the ad, she has a good sense of the product and its cost, which puts her further down the purchasing funnel compared to the average web user.
  • Easy retail-centric campaign management: Instead of keywords, Product Listing Ads use the product attributes you defined in your Merchant Center data feed to show your ads on relevant searches. Browse your product inventory directly in AdWords and create product groups for the items you want to bid on.
  • Broader presence: More than one of your Product Listing Ads can appear for a given user search and, if relevant, a Product Listing Ad and a text ad can also appear at the same time. This means your reach with shoppers for a single search could double.
  • Powerful reporting and competitive data: See how your products are performing at any level of granularity you want. For example, you can see how many clicks a particular brand of high-heeled shoes got just by filtering your products view -- no new product groups needed. Use benchmarking data to get insights into your competitive landscape. Identify growth opportunities with impression share data and the Bid Simulator tool.

How Product Listing Ads work

Product Listing Ads use your existing Merchant Center product feed -- not keywords -- to decide how and where to show your ads. A product feed is a file you upload to your Merchant Center account that contains details about the products you sell. We'll use the information in this product feed when we match a user's search on Google Search and Google Shopping to your product listings. We recommend you always keep your product feed accurate and up-to-date. Learn more about Merchant Center product feeds.

You manage your Product Listing Ads in AdWords using Shopping campaigns, a simple and flexible way to organize and promote your Google Merchant Center product inventory within AdWords. Shopping campaigns give you retail-centric tools to group and bid on the products you want and powerful reporting and benchmarking tools to monitor and optimize performance. Learn more about how Shopping campaigns work.

The appearance of Product Listing Ads may change as we experiment with the best display options for the format. This could include automatic cropping of your image to focus more on the product. To opt out of this feature, contact us.

Where Product Listing Ads appear

Product Listing Ads appear in their own box on Google Search (separate from text ads), on Google search partner websites that display and link to products for sale (if your campaign settings include search partners), and on Google Shopping (in select countries). They may appear at the same time as text ads, so that a single Google Search results page could show both Product Listing Ads and text ads.


If you sell ballet slippers and have a text ad for ballet equipment and a Product Listing Ad for ballet shoes, a customer could see both of your ads on the same Google Search results page.

We allow a Product Listing Ad to appear at the same time as a text ad because we want to give shoppers access to the full variety of products that match their search. When a shopper searches for a commercial item online, like a pair of shoes, a video game, or a car, they're usually trying to see all the purchasing possibilities for the item they're looking for.

We want Product Listing Ads to offer all possible variations available for that item, helping shoppers find the best match before clicking through to make a purchase. This helps merchants like you close a sale for a more targeted customer search.

How much Product Listing Ads cost

We charge for clicks on your Product Listings Ads on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis. Since Product Listing Ads don't use keywords, you'll use attributes in your Merchant Center product feed to define product groups. Then you'll set maximum cost-per-click (CPC) bids for your product groups. Just like how bidding works for AdWords ad formats, you'll only pay the minimum amount necessary to rank higher than the advertiser immediately below you, and you'll often pay less than your maximum bid.

We only charge for clicks on Product Listing Ads that lead directly to a merchant's website. This includes clicks on Local Product Listing Ads that link to merchant websites hosted by Google. You aren't charged for clicks on Product Listing Ads that lead to pages within the Google Shopping website.

Other information that can appear in Product Listing Ads

By default, all Product Listing Ads include an image, product name, price, and your store or business name. This information comes from the data feed you provide to Google Merchant Center.

You can also provide additional information that can display with your Product Listing Ads. Note that this additional information won’t display every time your ad shows.

Promotional text

In AdWords, you can add promotional text to your Product Listing Ads to highlight special information about your products, such as a deal or special offer. These messages shouldn't be used as ad text, but rather as actionable alerts that differentiate you from the competition (for example, “Free shipping on orders over $50”). Learn more about adding a promotional message to your Product Listing Ads.

“Special offers” with Merchant Promotions

With Merchant Promotions, you can use a promotions data feed to distribute your online promotions with your Product Listing Ads. Online promotions show along with Product Listing Ads as "special offer" links and require no additional cost, though cost-per-click pricing still applies. Find out how to participate in Merchant Promotions.

Product ratings

Product reviews provide critical information to shoppers making purchase decisions and help advertisers drive more qualified traffic to their sites. To help shoppers easily find this information, we now show product ratings on Product Listing Ads in eligible countries. Product ratings show on Product Listing Ads with a 5-star rating system and a count of total reviews. These star ratings represent aggregated rating and review data for the product, compiled from multiple sources, including merchants, third party aggregators, editorial sites and users. A product must have at least 3 reviews in order for product ratings to be eligible to show on Learn more about showing product ratings on your Product Listing Ads.

Trusted Stores

The Google Trusted Store badge lets shoppers know that your store ships quickly and provides excellent customer service—giving them the confidence to make a purchase. Stores that qualify for the Google Trusted Stores program will display the Google Trusted Store badge on their sites as well as in Google Shopping results and their Product Listing Ads. By hovering over the badge, shoppers will see an expanded report card with performance grades that highlight the merchant's shipping reliability and customer service performance. Find out how to participate in Google Trusted Stores.

Advertising guidelines for Product Listing Ads

The content of your ad, including text and images (served dynamically from information within your Merchant Center account) should comply with our policies.


Merchant Center policies state that product links should not have redirects. However, you can use redirects with the "adwords redirect" attribute, which we'll use when using your product information to show your Product Listing Ads. Learn more about the "adwords redirect" attribute.

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