Add remarketing lists to an ad group

Once you've created a remarketing list, create a new campaign and add your list to an ad group. If you add more than one remarketing list to an ad group, the ad group will target all of these lists.

To use remarketing on the Display Network, create campaigns for your remarketing lists by selecting "Display Network only - Remarketing" as your campaign type. The default settings in this campaign type can help you achieve better performance by keeping your targeting broad enough but focused on the right audience.

To use remarketing lists for search ads, you might want to select "Search Network only - All features" as your campaign type.

If you create a new remarketing campaign, you'll find an "All visitors" list that we've created for you, that you can add to your ad group.

Here's how you can add any remarketing list to an ad group:

  1. Click the ad group you want to add the remarketing list to.
  2. Depending on whether your campaign targets the Display Network only, the Search Network only, or both, follow these steps:
    • "Display Network only" campaigns:
      1. Click the Display Network tab.

        Keep in mind

        Don't see the Display Network tab? This tab is available only for certain campaign types, such as "Display Network only - All features," "Display Network only - Remarketing," "Search Network with Display Select - All features," "Search & Display Networks - All features."

      2. Click the + Targeting button.
      3. Click the "Add targeting" drop-down menu and select "Interests & remarketing."
    • "Search Network only," "Search Network with Display Select," or "Search & Display Networks" campaigns:
      1. Click the Audiences tab.
      2. Click + Remarketing.

      Some lists are available only on the Display Network, even if your campaign targets both the Search and Display Networks. To add these display-only remarketing lists to your ad group, you'll need to go to the Display Network tab, and follow the instructions for "Display Network only" campaigns. These are the list types available for Google Search:

      Type Tags / Definitions Notes
      Tag-based -- These lists are based directly on the tags on your web site
      Rule-based URL contains ... Lists based on rules about the URLs visited
      Combination -- Any combination of the two types of lists above
  3. Click Remarketing lists. Existing remarketing lists are displayed. Remarketing list
  4. Click the double arrows >> next to each list you want to add to the ad group. Once you add them, they're displayed in the "Selected audiences" column.
  5. When you're done, click Close and Save.


If you'd like to create more sophisticated combinations, create a custom combination list that you can add to your ad group.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Multiple ad groups or campaigns can target the same remarketing list. If more than one of your ads targets the same remarketing list, each of those ads are eligible to show.
  • If a visitor is on more than one of your remarketing lists, each of the ads included in the remarketing campaigns for those lists are eligible to show.
  • In both cases, AdWords chooses the ad with the highest ad rank to compete in the ad auction.

Setting an audience bid (Display Network only)

You can get a higher return on investment (ROI) or increase your chances to show your ads to people who might be more likely to buy your products by setting a specific bid for these customers. Follow these steps to set a bid for a remarketing list that you've already added to your ad group:

  1. Click the Display Network tab.
  2. Click the Interests & Remarketing tab.
  3. Click the bid (Max. CPC column), and a pop-up dialog appears. Max. CPC column
  4. Type in your audience bid.


In your enhanced campaign targeting the Display Network, you could target your ads using keyword contextual targeting, set custom bids on keywords, and set bid adjustments for whenever the audience you've added matches. Then, your keywords would determine the sites on which your ad is eligible to appear as well as the custom (base) bid, and when a visitor to one of these sites matches any audiences you've added to the ad group, AdWords would use your bid adjustment. Learn more about Display Network bidding features.

Keep in mind

Adding other targeting methods to your Display Network remarketing campaign might narrow your audience. For example, if you add Display keywords to an ad group in your remarketing campaign, and select the "Target and bid" setting for both remarketing and keywords, your ads can show only to people on your remarketing lists when they visit sites that match your keywords. Learn more about targeting settings on the Display Network.

If you're running Conversion Optimizer, any audience bids you set won't apply because you've already set a target CPA for the entire ad group.