Add product information to your text ad

Product extensions allow you to use your existing Google Merchant Center account to promote your products directly in your search ads (and Google Shopping ads when opted into the Search Network). Product extensions won't appear on other Search Network sites, or on Display Network sites.

How product extensions work

When your AdWords ad appears and your Google Merchant Center account contains a product that's relevant to the searcher's query, product extensions may show the images, titles, and prices of your closest matching products with your ad. When a customer clicks a product image or link, they'll be taken to the destination page listed for that product in your Merchant Center account.

How product extensions are priced

All clicks are charged at the same rate, regardless of which links are clicked within an ad. That means you'll be charged the same cost-per-click (CPC) each time a customer clicks on any link in your ad, whether it's the main landing page shown in your Destination URL or any of the product offer listings shown as part of the ad.

If a customer quickly clicks on more than one link while viewing an ad, we'll treat this as a duplicate (or invalid) click and you won't be charged for the additional click. See our Invalid Clicks FAQ to learn more.

Also, please note that you won't be charged when a customer expands the plusbox to view more information in the ad. Click charges only accrue for links clicked within the ad itself.

Monitoring your product extensions performance

You can easily review your product extensions performance for your campaigns from the Ad Extensions tab within your account. You can also edit your product extensions from this tab, and it's automatically enabled for you if you use or have ad extensions within your account already. You can track CTR, expansions, and other metrics by creating AdWords reports.

We suggest that you review how often your ad was shown with product extensions, and compare the performance statistics of your ads when shown with or without product extensions, as well as compare the performance of different campaigns featuring different product extensions and ad text.