Test landing pages with Google Analytics

Once you've attracted people to your website with a great AdWords ad, you probably want to make sure that they can easily find the information or product that they're looking for. Google Optimize can help you test how well various pages work in getting your visitors to accomplish a specific goal – such as purchase a product. In turn, this can help you increase your revenue and make the most of every visitor who comes to your website.

What is Google Optimize?

Google Optimize allows you to test variations of the pages on your website to see how this changes the behaviour of your site's visitors – allowing you to improve your pages to increase conversions, newsletter sign-up or whatever your online goals.

What you can do with Google Optimize

With Google Optimize, you can:

  • Compare how different web pages perform using a random sample of your visitors.
  • Choose what type of goal that you'd like to test.
  • Specify how much of your website's traffic should be involved in your experiment.

An example of using Google Optimize to improve your business

Let's say that you have a website where you sell house cleaning services. You offer basic cleaning, deep cleaning or detailed cleaning. With your AdWords account, you advertise your detailed cleaning because it's where you make your most money. To increase your return on investment and your business’ profits, you're interested in getting more people to purchase this option.

At the moment, people who click on your AdWords ad for detailed cleaning arrive on a dedicated landing page that explains your three cleaning options. Because this is your ad's destination or final URL, this is the first page that you want to use for testing. For your Google Optimize, you create several new versions of this web page – one with big red lettering selling the detailed cleaning, one where you expand on the benefits of the detailed cleaning and one where you put an icon next to the link to purchase a detailed cleaning.

Once you've set up and launched your experiment, a random sample of your website visitors who go to that destination or final URL will see one of the four different pages, including your original web page. Then it's only a matter of waiting to see which page gets the highest percentage of people to purchase the detailed cleaning.

When you've figured out which page best helps you accomplish your business goals, you can make this page live so that all your site’s visitors see it.

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