Budget order

An option where you can specify a set amount of money that you'd like your account to spend over a set period of time. It's available to advertisers who use monthly invoicing as a payment setting.

  • To monitor your budget orders as they "spend" the costs you've set, visit your Billing pages in your account and click "Orders."
  • Your account will stop running ads if your budget is spent or you reach the end date you've set for your budget order. Check your orders regularly to make sure that your ads continue to run.
  • If you set your budget order to "unlimited," this means that your AdWords campaigns in total aren't limited to a particular amount, but rather the daily budget that you've set for each campaign.
  • If a budget order has an end date and an amount, the daily spend will still be controlled by daily budgets, but the budget order amount is an additional limit for the set time frame.

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