Product feed

A file that contains details about the products that you sell and that's used to list your products on Google search results (including Google Shopping).

  • The data files that you create with your product information are used to show your dynamic ads and product listing ads. To start, you need to create a data feed and submit it through your Google Merchant Center account that you've linked to your AdWords account.
  • For each of your products, you set groupings of attributes, such as "condition" and "availability", to describe what the product is and the details of how you're selling it. To help people on the web find your items more easily, it's important to describe your items accurately using the available attributes.
  • Along with the standard policies for AdWords ads, there are a number of Google Shopping policies about how to use each attribute and how often to update your product data. Make sure that you review the policies carefully and make sure that you understand the requirements.

Set up Product Listing Ads
Product feed attributes

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