Using AdWords to create video ads

Online videos are an exciting and interactive way to engage people on the web and encourage them to click through to your site. With AdWords for video, you can advertise your business in multiple ad formats across the:

  • Google Display Network, Google's network of web content publishers
  • YouTube Network
  • Video publisher pages, games, and apps on the Google Display Network (includes YouTube)


TrueView in-stream videos can appear on YouTube Videos (Watch pages on YouTube).

Use the right tool for your business goals

Publisher sites can focus on streaming videos as a core part of their site content, or they can feature videos as additional content or media rich advertising. YouTube is one of Google's largest and most powerful publishers featuring video content. There are a few ways to place your ads in videos on YouTube specifically, or videos on any publisher site within the Google Display Network.

The tool you should choose to build your video ads depends on your business goals:

  • Reach viewers with cost-per-view bidding

    If you're focused on reaching viewers with video content using cost-per-view (CPV) bidding, we suggest you select TrueView in-stream ads. With CPV bidding, you'll pay for video views and other video interactions, such as clicks on the call-to-action overlays (CTAs), cards, and companion banners.

  • Use a mix of formats, cost-per-click (CPC), or cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) bidding

    If you're focused on other AdWords video formats, CPC, or CPM bidding for your video campaigns, you should create standard display ad campaigns and build your ads with the Ad gallery. You should also use the Ad gallery if you want to use video and non-video ad formats in the same campaign.

You can create video ads with either AdWords for video or the Ad gallery. Here's how:

Using AdWords for video

AdWords for video is a campaign management tool specifically designed to help you build online video campaigns more quickly. With AdWords for video, you can use templates unique to AdWords for video and YouTube's TrueView formats.

  • Only TrueView video formats are supported, as well as CPV pricing.
  • Video ads must be hosted on YouTube.
  • Reporting options include an additional level of detail specific to video ads that don't exist in the rest of AdWords' campaign management tools.
  • Your campaigns can only contain TrueView video formats. They cannot include text, image, or other video ad formats.

Check out this overview of AdWords for video on YouTube (English)

Explore AdWords for video and its available formats.

Using the Ad gallery

The Ad gallery is an ad creation tool that offers various display ad formats in different categories, including video. You can access the tool when you begin creating a new ad on the Ads tab on any page of your account.

  • In addition to standard display formats, you can create multiple video formats, some of which don't have to be hosted on YouTube.
  • You'll use pre-designed templates unique to AdWords.
  • Ads can be priced at CPC, CPM, or CPV*.
  • Ads can be mixed with other ad formats in one AdWords campaign, except TrueView video ad formats.


*All TrueView formats are CPV, and this reporting is available only for video campaigns.

Explore the Ad gallery and its available formats.

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