Using My Client Center

My Client Center (MCC) is a powerful tool for handling multiple AdWords accounts. Think of MCC as an umbrella account with several AdWords accounts (managed accounts) linked to it. It saves time by letting you view and easily manage all of your AdWords accounts from a single location. An MCC account isn't an "upgrade" of your AdWords account. Instead, it's an entirely new account you create.

Who should use an MCC account

  • Large advertisers with more than one AdWords account
  • Third parties such as:
    • Agencies
    • Search engine marketers (SEMs)
    • Automated bid managers (ABMs)
    • And other online marketing professionals who manage multiple client accounts or large campaigns

What you can do with an MCC account

  • Use a single login to access all managed accounts.
  • Easily view multiple managed accounts, including other MCC accounts, using a My Client Center view.
  • See relevant information for all managed accounts in one place.
  • Run reports across multiple managed accounts at once or download the My Client Center view into a CSV file.
  • Quickly create and link new AdWords accounts from within your MCC account.

As always, owners of individual managed accounts can sign in to their AdWords accounts and maintain access to their login information.

How to create an MCC account

Follow these four basic steps:

  1. Visit and click "Sign up now" in the top corner.New MCC account
  2. Choose an entirely new username and password. We suggest picking a username and password that are different from any you've used with AdWords before.Set general information
  3. Set general information, such as a name for your account and how you plan to use the account, as well as a new time zone and a new currency.
  4. Accept the rules of use, and you're done. You've got a brand-new MCC account!

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