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Targeting method

The method that you choose to match your ads to places it can appear. Keywords and placements are the most common examples.

  • You can use more than one targeting method in an ad group, such as keywords and managed placements.
  • On the Display Network, for each individual ad group, you can choose whether you want to add a targeting method to show your ads and set bids on, or to set bids only. For example, if you add placements to an ad group, you can choose one of these two options:
    • Show ads only on these placements (default): Your ads will be targeted based on the method that you selected, and will only show if one of the placements you've added is matched.
    • Show ads on all eligible placements: Show ads based on your other targeting methods, but set bids on this method to increase your chances of showing there.

More about the effects of targeting methods

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