Why your ad extensions aren't showing

Sometimes the extensions you’ve added don't show with your ads. When you enable more than one extension for an ad, for example, there's a chance we might not show all of them.

Check whether your ad extensions are showing by clicking on the Ad extensions tab. Then, choose the extension you’re interested in from the View: drop-down menu and look at the impressions (“Impr.”) column.

AdWords shows your extensions depending on a number of factors:

  • The position of your ad on the Google search results page (some extensions only show in ads above search results).
  • Your Ad Rank, which combines your bid, the quality of your ad and landing page, and the expected impact of extensions and other ad formats.
  • Your keyword's quality and maximum CPC bid
  • Other ad extensions you’ve enabled.

You may need to increase your bid or your Quality Score (or both) in order for your extensions to show.

See below for tips for particular ad extensions.

Fix your seller ratings

Seller ratings can appear below or next to your ad’s display URL. When seller ratings show with other extensions, they tend to be next to your display URL.

Seller ratings are for sellers. This means that you have to provide customers with paid goods or services, or offer a marketplace that enables buying or selling goods or services, to be eligible for seller ratings.

If your seller ratings aren’t showing, try these solutions:

  • Make sure your seller ratings are added to a Search Network campaign.
  • Check for your ad on Google.com, Google.co.uk, Google.de, Google.fr, or Google.nl. These are the only countries where seller ratings are available.
  • Make sure you have at least 30 unique reviews from the past 12 months, and a composite rating of 3.5 stars or higher on Google Shopping.
    • At least 10 of these reviews need to be in the customer's Google interface language.
    • Google Shopping seller ratings consist of an aggregate ratings score with snippets of customer reviews from third-party sites and Google Wallet.

Learn more about seller ratings

Fix your sitelink extensions

AdWords shows sitelinks depending on a number of factors, including:

  • Your keyword's quality and max. CPC bid
  • The position of your ad on Google search result pages.
  • The relevance of the landing pages of your ads and sitelinks.
  • The relevance of other ads on the page.
  • Other ad extensions that are enabled in your campaign.

Here’s how to improve your chances of showing sitelinks:

  • Keep sitelinks text short.
  • Make sure you have enough sitelinks. Adding more sitelinks than the minimum required (two for desktop, one for mobile) increases the chances that they’ll show.
  • Create sitelinks that are relevant to your product or service.
  • Make sure your sitelink URLs direct to unique landing pages, with unique content.
  • Improve the Quality Score of your keywords.
Fix your call extensions (or Google forwarding number)

Your ad group needs a minimum number of clicks to be able to show a Google forwarding number. There is no minimum click requirement to show call extensions, but extensions may not show all the time due to space, quality, and other constraints.

If you've enabled call extensions with a Google forwarding number (available to numbers based in Australia, France, Germany, Spain, the US, and the UK), you can get detailed reporting on calls dialed to that number. However, to show a forwarding number, your call extensions need to get a minimum number of clicks in a four-week period.

Fix your location extensions

Location extensions can appear for people that are near the physical address that you've targeted, or have included your targeted location in their search term (such as "pizza new york").

If your location extensions aren't appearing, check that the extension is eligible to appear in the locations you’ve chosen in location targeting. If you're not located in the location that you've targeted, you can use the Ad Preview Tool to see what your ad looks like in Google search results in other countries or regions.

Also, remember that location extensions don't appear for ads on the Display Network.

Fix your review extensions

Review extensions are exact or paraphrased quotes from a positive review, award, or accolade that can appear beneath your Search ads.

Reviews appear on the Google Search Network with desktop and tablet devices. Reviews won’t show with Display Network campaigns, or on mobile devices.

Only a single review will appear with your ads at a time. If you submit multiple reviews, only the first approved review will serve with your ads. You can use the same review for multiple campaigns or ad groups.

To check your review's approval status, go to the Ad extensions tab and choose Review extensions from the View drop-down menu. The “Status” column tells you whether your reviews are approved or disapproved. If a review is disapproved, check our review extensions policies to find out how to fix the issue.

It’s your responsibility to ensure that you’re allowed to use a specific review in your ads. The publisher of a review being used by an advertiser can request its content be removed from review extensions by filling out the Review extensions publisher opt-out form. Once the form is submitted, it takes about 1-2 business days for the publisher’s content to be removed.

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