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Make extensions more likely to show

Sometimes extensions you want to use don't show with your ads. That doesn’t necessarily mean that something is wrong. (For example, when you use more than one extension for an ad, there are a number of reasons why one of those extensions might show for some searches and not for others.) To make sure your extensions are optimized to show, though, use this article to find relevant instructions.

Before you begin

Make sure your extension is associated with an active ad group, campaign, or account.

Extensions can be approved or disapproved just like ads and keywords. Disapproved extensions do not show and need to be edited and submitted for re-review. To learn how to check for disapprovals, go to See extension performance.

Even if it’s approved, adding an extension won’t guarantee that it will show with your ad all the time. To learn more, start with When extensions show.

Links to instructions

Some extension types have specific requirements to show. Here is a list of select extension types and troubleshooting instructions:

Manual extensions

Automatic extensions 

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