Create a My Client Center Account

If you’re an agency or someone who manages multiple AdWords accounts, a My Client Center (MCC) account could save you time by letting you view and easily manage all of your AdWords accounts from one account. In addition, having an MCC account lets you pull data, run scripts, and otherwise take actions across all your accounts.

How an MCC account could help you save time

  • Easily view multiple managed accounts, including other MCC accounts, via the My Client Center view.
  • See relevant information for all managed accounts in one place.
  • Run reports across multiple managed accounts at once or download the My Client Center view into a CSV file.
  • Use a single login to access all managed accounts.
  • Create and link AdWords accounts from within your MCC account.

Create an MCC account

To create an MCC account, follow these four steps:

  1. Visit and click Sign up now in the top corner.
  2. Choose a new username and password. This username and password must not be used to sign into other AdWords accounts. New MCC account
  3. Set general information, such as a name for your account and how you plan to use the account, as well as a new time zone and a new currency. You might want to choose the time zone you work in and the currency in which you do business. Set general information
  4. If you agree to the terms of service, accept the rules of use, and you're done. You've got a brand new MCC account!

Link AdWords accounts with your MCC account

Link an existing AdWords account

To link an existing AdWords account to your MCC:

  1. Retrieve your client's AdWords Customer ID number (which appears in the top corner of AdWords account pages).
  2. Sign in to your MCC at
  3. Click Link existing accounts, which appears above your managed accounts table.
  4. Enter your new client's Customer ID number in the appropriate field.
  5. Click Continue, then Submit.
  6. When you click Submit, the client will receive an account notification that invites him to link to your account. If he's an administrator on the account, he can accept your invitation by clicking the gear icon in the top corner, clicking on Account settings, and then choosing Account access from the side navigation.

During this process, you'll see a pending notification for the (soon-to-be) managed account in your MCC. Upon the client's acceptance, you'll receive a confirmation notification and the account will be automatically linked to your MCC.

Link an new AdWords account

To create an AdWords account and link it to your MCC:

  1. Sign in to your MCC at
  2. Click the Create account link above your managed accounts table.
  3. Complete the form, and click Create account.
  4. Click Create a campaign to create your client's campaign in the AdWords sign-up wizard. Then, return to your MCC to enter your client's billing information. You'll need to enter this information to activate your new managed account. You can also return to this step later by clicking the managed account in your main MCC view.

Unlink AdWords accounts from your MCC account

Important: If you unlink an account that was on Manager Defined Spend (MDS), all active and pending budgets will be disabled and the account's ads will stop serving within 30 minutes. You will not be invoiced for account activity that occurs after this point. However, you will be invoiced for any unpaid costs that were accrued before the account is unlinked. The account will resume ad delivery once it's linked to a new MCC and assigned a budget.

To unlink an account from your MCC:

  1. Sign in to your MCC at
  2. Select the managed account you'd like to unlink.
  3. Click "Arrange accounts."
  4. Click "Unlink account(s)."