Languages and browsers you can use

AdWords is used by advertisers all around the world and is available in 42 languages. The table below shows all the languages that you can select when using the AdWords interface. You can change your AdWords language preferences by going to the My account tab in your account.

Arabic Finnish Korean Slovak
Bulgarian French Latvian Slovenian
Catalan German Lithuanian Spanish
Chinese (simplified and traditional) Greek Malay Swedish
Croatian Hebrew Norwegian Tagalog
Czech Hindi Polish Thai
Danish Hungarian Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal) Turkish
Dutch Indonesian Romanian Ukrainian
English (Australian, UK, and US) Italian Russian Vietnamese
Estonian Japanese Serbian  


These languages are different from the ones you can target. See the full list of languages that you can target by viewing the "Languages" section of your campaign settings.

Browser support

We won't lie -- we like Google Chrome around here! But you can use any of the following browsers to access AdWords:

In general, AdWords supports the current and prior major release of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari (on a rolling basis).

If your browser isn't compatible with the current AdWords interface, you'll see this alert message within your account: "The AdWords interface may not work properly in your web browser." We highly recommend you use one of the browsers listed above instead.

You may also need to update your browser preferences to allow cookies and JavaScript in order to use all the tools available in AdWords.

Next step

See step-by-step instructions for changing the language of the AdWords interface in your account.