Where your ads can appear

When you advertise with AdWords, your ads can appear on different places across the web, depending on how you target your ads, to whom you choose to show them, and the types of ads you create.

Before you choose where to show your ads, try thinking like your customers. What do they like? What are their habits? Where are they? What do you need to know about them so you can best reach them with your ads? Keeping your customers in mind when you make your choices can help you reach more customers and get a higher return on investment (ROI).


As you decide where to show your ads and to whom, keep in mind that some features are available only for certain campaign types. For example, maybe you want to show your ads on Google during certain days of the week. To do so, you'd create a campaign that targets the Search Network and includes all features instead of a campaign with standard features. Learn about the different campaign types available

Targeting channels

Here's more about where to show your ads and who might see them.

Showing your ads on Google Search and other search sites

If you use keywords to target your ads, you select a set of keywords related to the product or service you'd like to advertise. Then, when people search using the words or phrases you picked, your text ads can appear alongside or above search results.

  • On Google search sites: Your ads can appear on Google Search, Shopping, and Maps when someone searches on your keywords. Here's an example, for the keyword "cupcakes": An ad on Google Search
  • On other search sites that are part of the Search Network: When someone searches on search sites that have partnered with Google to show AdWords ads, such as AOL, your ads might appear alongside or above search results or on other relevant search pages.
  • On mobile search: Your ads can appear on http://m.google.com, the mobile version of Google Search. Here's an example of an ad for cupcakes on mobile search:
    High-end mobile ad
    AdWords ad on mobile version of Google Search
Showing your ads on websites that your customers visit

You can also choose to show your ads to people as they browse the web. Your text, image, and video ads can appear on the Google Display Network. The Display Network is a collection of websites and specific Google websites -- including Blogger and YouTube -- that show AdWords ads. This network also includes mobile sites and apps that show ads.

Here's an example of ads on a Display Network site. You can see how the ads are targeted to the content of the page:

Ad on the Display Network

Your ads can appear on specific websites or placements that you choose. For example, if your business sells wedding cakes, you could choose to show your ad on a popular wedding planning site.

Your ads can appear on websites based on the targeting methods you choose, like keywords, placements, audiences, and topics.

Find more information on where ads might appear on the Display Network.

Showing your ads on mobile phones and devices

You can show your ads to people as they search or visit websites on the go:

  • Your text ads can appear when people search on Google from their mobile devices and tablets.
  • Your text, image and video ads can appear on Google Display Network websites when people visit these sites from high-end mobile devices, such as iPhones, Android devices, or tablets.
  • Your ads can also appear on mobile apps, which are considered part of our Display Network.

Here's an example of how ads might appear on a mobile device:

Ad and search results on a mobile phone

Read more about where your ads might appear when you target high-end mobile devices.

Showing your ads to people in selected locations or who speak a certain language

If you have text ads, you can choose to show them to customers in an entire country, a certain geographic location, and even to customers who use names of locations in their searches.


If you own a small local ice cream shop, you probably want to show your ads and special offers to people in nearby cities only. You can do this by targeting just selected cities.

Read more about targeting ads to a selected geographic location.

To better reach your potential customers, you can also target your campaigns to the languages they speak. And if your customers speak multiple languages, you can create separate campaigns to manage ads and keywords for each of those languages.

Learn more about language targeting.

Showing your ads to specific audiences

With AdWords, you can also show your text, image, and video ads on Display Network websites to specific groups of people:

  • People interested in the products or services you offer: You can reach them by adding relevant interest categories to your campaigns.
  • People who we think are associated with certain demographic categories: You can reach them by targeting your ads by age or gender.
  • People who previously visited your site: You can reach them by creating remarketing campaigns.

We'll then show your ads to people who are added to your lists or who we think are interested in those categories.


  • If your business sells clothes for young women, you could use demographic targeting to show ads about your product just to women.
  • Say you own an online business that sells sports equipment. Using remarketing, you can show ads about ski gear to people who have viewed the ski section of your site in the past, when they visit other sites on the web. You could even show them a special offer just to them.

Learn more about reaching specific audiences.

Next steps

  • Now that you know where your ads can appear, find out the cost of AdWords.
  • Already have an account? Find out what campaign settings you need to choose to show your ads where and to whom you want.
  • Want ads to appear on your website? Check out Google’s AdSense program.
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