Submit billing information

To get your ads up and running, start by submitting your billing information. You might have several ways to pay for AdWords, depending on your currency and the country where your business is registered. See the options available to you using our payment options finder.

Submit your billing information

Once you've decided how you'd like to pay for AdWords, you're ready to submit your information. Here's how you do it:

  1. Sign in to your account at
  2. Click the gear icon and choose Billing, then select Billing preferences.  
  3. Select your country or the territory where your billing address is located from the drop-down menu. You'll see all billing options that are available for your location and currency.
  4. Make your selection, and follow the steps to enter your billing information.

Tip: Add a backup credit card

To avoid having your ads stop because of a declined payment, we highly recommend setting up a backup form of payment. If your primary form of payment doesn't work for some reason, we'll charge your backup credit card to ensure your ads keep running.

Use your promotional code (coupon)

If you've got one, check out using promotional codes (coupons). Most promotional codes have an expiration date, so you might need to apply it soon after creating your account. Keep in mind that you can't request a promotional code.

See when your ads will start running

For some accounts, your ads will be ready to start appearing on Google immediately after entering billing information. Other accounts might take up to a week before ads can begin running, since certain forms of payment require verification and processing times. You'll see information in your account about verification and processing times. Of course, other things can affect when your ads start running, such as the ad approval process.

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