Bulk edits: Definition

A way to edit more than one thing in your account at the same time. Using bulk editing helps you save time by simultaneously updating multiple items in one campaign or across multiple campaigns.

AdWords offers various tools and features to help you make bulk edits to your account. The editing options available depend on which tool or feature that you use.

Generally, you can make bulk edits to your account using:

  • AdWords: Select multiple items in AdWords and make changes to all of them at once. Learn how to Make changes with bulk edits.
  • Bulk uploads: Download a spreadsheet with details on your keywords, ads, ad groups, campaigns or product groups or billing details. You can make offline changes and upload the spreadsheet so that the changes can be applied to your AdWords account. Find out how to Make changes with bulk uploads.
  • AdWords Editor: This free, downloadable application lets you manage your AdWords account offline so that you can easily make bulk edits to your campaigns, ad groups, keywords and more, then upload your changes back in to AdWords when you’re ready. FInd out more About AdWords Editor.
  • AdWords API: The AdWords API (application programming interface) lets developers build applications that interact directly with the AdWords server. With these applications, advertisers and third parties can more efficiently and creatively manage large or complex AdWords accounts and interact with external data.
  • AdWords scripts: Scripts let you make automated changes in your AdWords account. Using JavaScript code, you can change bids, pause ad groups, and add keywords with written scripts directly instead of manually within your AdWords account. Learn more about scripts with AdWords automation made easy.
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