Instant Previews

What are Instant Previews on ads?

Google Instant Previews provide a graphic representation of a webpage, generally highlighting the relevant sections based on a user's search query. Instant Previews allow the searcher to quickly compare results and choose a page that best matches what they're looking for. You can find out more about Instant Previews on our Webmaster Central blog and in our Search Console Help Center.

Instant Previews are currently available for all non-RTL (right-to-left) languages.

Can I opt my ads out of this feature?

No. Instant Previews are an integral part of the AdWords search and ads experience for users and advertisers.

Will you charge me if a user expands a preview on my ad?

No. We only charge if the user subsequently clicks through to your site. Preview clicks are free.

Do Instant Previews affect my Quality Score?

No. Instant Previews aren't taken into account when calculating your Quality Score.

Will you respect robots.txt for Instant Previews on ads?

Like the ads landing page crawl, we'll respect robots.txt if you've explicitly excluded AdsBot-Google. However, this will have significant impact on your Quality Score as we'll no longer be able to assess your landing page quality. Learn more about robots.txt.

Will you show Instant Previews if the landing page contains the "nosnippet" tag?

The "nosnippet" tag relates only to organic web search. We'll continue to show Instant Previews on ads even if the nosnippet tag is present on the ad's landing page. Learn more about the nosnippet tag.

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