Approved (non-family)

A status given to an ad when it or its website contains mature content without nudity or sexually explicit content. These ads can still appear, but not in all situations.

  • Ads marked as "Approved (non-family)" include content that might not be appropriate for all audiences. For example, certain alcohol, gambling, or dating site ads may fall under this category.
  • Effects: Here's how an "Approved (non-family)" status can affect where your ad appears:
    • In some countries, only "family safe" ads can be shown.
    • Some ad types, such as image and video ads, are allowed to run only if they are "family safe."
    • Sites and products in the Google Network can choose not to show "non-family safe" ads.
    • People who have activated their Safe Search filter can see only "family safe" ads on Google.
    See the "adult-oriented content" policy for more details.
  • Whenever you create or edit an ad, Google reviews the ad to make sure that it complies with our advertising policies. When your ad is reviewed, it will be given a family status depending on the content of your ad and website. Ads can be "family safe," "non-family safe," or "adult."
  • Find your ad's approval status by looking at the "Status" column in your account's Ads tab.

About the ad approval process

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