About the MCC dashboard

The MCC dashboard makes it easier to view a wide range of client account statistics from the highest level of your MCC account. Performance and budget statistics for client accounts are now shown on separate tabbed pages, providing a more comprehensive, top-level view of key stats across managed accounts. You can also now select time periods for viewing statistics, making it easier to limit your view of account statistics to a particular week, month, or date range. Keep in mind that you can only look at Performance Statistics for the last 90 days. 

On the Performance page, you'll find stats on clicks, conversions and conversion rates, as well as separate columns for Search and Display Network CTR, allowing for easier comparison of performance based on network placement.

On the Budget page, you'll find information about start- and end- dates, percent of budget spent and total spend for each account.

Please read our FAQ to learn about the update frequency of MCC dashboard statistics.