How often are MCC statistics and alerts updated?

My Client Center (MCC) statistics and alerts are updated at various times and frequencies throughout the day, depending on the type of statistic or alert.

Performance page statistics, such as Conversion and CTR data, are updated at least once every three hours. Budget page statistics, such as Budget % Spent, are normally updated daily between 5:00 am and 8:00 am in your local time zone (based on your time zone setting). The time-stamp message at the bottom of your MCC Dashboard page tells you when statistics were last updated.

Most alerts shown on the MCC Alerts page are updated throughout the day as our systems process the information that triggers these alerts. Among these are most payment alerts and keyword and creative alerts.

Some alerts are updated daily at 2 am in the advertiser's local time zone. These daily alerts include campaign ending alerts, budget alerts, and payment alerts for no billing information entered and no bank transfer prepayment received.

Alerts on the MCC Alerts page show the date the alert was first triggered. In addition, the time-stamp message at the bottom of your MCC Alerts page tells you when your alerts were last updated. Earlier alerts that haven't changed yet will remain in place despite this update.