Managing MCC Email Notification Preferences

Through your My Client Center (MCC), you can manage the types of emails you receive from Google AdWords. Depending on your preferences, these emails may include account performance help and suggestions; newsletters with optimization tips and best practices; invitations to participate in market research; and special offers from Google. Here's how to set and manage your email preferences:

  1. Sign in to your MCC, then, within the 'My Account' tabbed section, select 'Account Preferences,' and click the 'edit' link beside 'Notification Preferences.'
  2. On the Notification Preferences page, you'll see a list of Notification Topics for emails, including:
    • Customized help and performance suggestions
    • Newsletters
    • Google Market Research
    • Special Offers
  3. To the right of each item, you may check or uncheck the box to receive or stop receiving these types of emails. Note that, by default, your account is set to receive all of the emails listed above with the exception of Special Offers.
  4. When you've finished setting your preferences, click the 'Save Changes' button.

You may return to the Notification Preferences page whenever you want to update your settings.

Note that these emails will be sent to the email address associated with your MCC account. To change this address, log into your Google Account (a link can be found on the Notification Preferences page) and edit the email address under 'Personal Information.'