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Google requires verification for advertisers who want to run election ads in the UK. This verification is required for all ad formats and extensions. Learn more about verification for election advertising in the UK.

The form below is the first step of the verification process. With the information you provide, Google will verify your eligibility to run election ads in the UK.


  • Each account only needs to complete this verification once.
  • If you’re an agency or someone who manages multiple Google Ads accounts, each account planning to run election ads will also need to apply for verification.
If you are an agency or someone who manages multiple Google Ads accounts, please do not enter the Customer ID for your Google Ads Manager Account. Please enter the Customer ID for the individual account. Learn how to find your Google Ads customer ID.
You must be an authorized representative of your organization in order to complete the verification process. To be an authorized representative, you need to be a full-time employee of the organization, or if applicable, a representative of the agency representing the organization.
Note that this must exactly match the name on the government-issued photo ID you submit.
Please use a valid email id of the format
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Include email address(es) of those you would like to CC on this submission, separated by commas if there are multiple.
Please use a valid email id of the format
Keep in mind: We'll do our best to call you, but we still might email you if that's the quickest way to give you help.
If you’re running election ads, note that this name will be visible in your election ad’s “Paid for by” disclosure, as well as in the Political Advertising transparency report and the political ads library. It will also appear in a disclosure on your non-election ads. This must match the name of your organization exactly as it appears on any documents you submit, including any capitalization or punctuation.  Learn more
For example: business registration number or incorporation number.
Some examples of acceptable documents include: Registration for a UK election; bank, credit card, or insurance statements or letters or leasing or mortgage documents; confirmation certificates from official government authority; receipts or copies of court or other authority rulings or decisions on registrations. PDF, JPEG or PNG file only.
This must be a UK address and match the address in the proof of address you submit.
Acceptable proof of address documents include documents listed above under “Document confirming organization name” as well as invoices, purchase orders, utility bills, bank, credit card, or insurance statements or letters, leasing or mortgage documents. This document must be no more than one year old and should be a PDF, JPEG or PNG file.
Note: If the address is included in the registration documents submitted above, the same document can be uploaded here.
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Attestation *

Google Election Advertising Terms

1. Accepting the Amendment

You represent and warrant that all information you have provided to Google Ireland Limited ("Google") is accurate, and that you are authorized to accept these terms (the "Amendment") on behalf of the entity named above (the "Advertiser" or "You"). If you do not have the requisite authority, you may not accept the Amendment on behalf of the Advertiser.

The Amendment, in addition to any other Google advertising terms You have accepted, governs Your placement of election ads through Google. In the event of an inconsistency between the Amendment and other Google advertising terms, the Amendment shall control.

2. Your Responsibilities

You represent and warrant that the Advertiser has obtained all necessary rights and, under all applicable laws, is permitted to purchase election ads. 

You affirm that you are a citizen or resident of the United Kingdom, and that if the Advertiser is an organization, that the organization is based in the United Kingdom.

If the Advertiser is an organization, if the Advertiser's Authorized Representative leaves the organization or ceases to be eligible, the Advertiser must immediately provide Google with a new eligible Authorized Representative.

At any time, Google may require You to provide additional information in order to verify Your eligibility to run election ads. Your verification will periodically expire, and in order to continue running election ads, You will need to complete the verification process again.

Where the processing of identification documents is subject to consent requirements pursuant to applicable national laws, notwithstanding the application of GDPR, you consent to such processing.

If Google, in its sole discretion, determines that You have provided false information as part of the verification process, that You have violated Google's Political content policy, or that You are ineligible to run election ads for any other reason, Your verification will be revoked, and Your advertising account may be suspended. 

3. Paid-for-By Disclosures

Where reasonably possible, Google will include disclosures in Your election ads stating that they were paid for by the Advertiser. These disclosures may appear either in the body of the ad creative itself, or may be linked from an icon associated with the ad.

In the event that Google is, using reasonable endeavours, unable to render a disclosure, You must include a disclosure in Your own ad creatives in compliance with any instructions provided by Google policy or Google representatives.

For purposes of clarification, none of the disclosures made pursuant to this Amendment in any way exempt You from compliance with all applicable law, including but not limited to any disclosure requirements therein.

4. Publication of Information

You authorize Google and its affiliates to publish information about You and Your election ads and campaigns, including but not limited to Your verification status, Your spend, Your ad creatives, Your targeting settings, the reach of Your ads, the number of impressions Your ads receive, the dates Your ads served, and the policy enforcement status of Your ads.  You acknowledge that this information will appear in a publicly available transparency report and election ads library, and that Google and its affiliates may make it publicly accessible and available for download. Information about any election ad or election ad campaign that serves on or after March 1, 2019 is subject to inclusion, even if You complete the verification process on a later date.  Google may also make other information related to Your placement of election ads publicly available as required under applicable local laws. Google has no obligation to provide notice in advance of publication of any information related to Your election ads. Notwithstanding termination of Your Google advertising terms or any selections made in the user interface for the relevant Google advertising service, Google will retain information about Your election ads as necessary to publish the transparency report, election ads library, and meet its other disclosure obligations.  GOOGLE WILL PUBLISH ELECTION ADS INFORMATION “AS IS,” “AS AVAILABLE,” AND “WITH ALL FAULTS,” AND DOES NOT MAKE ANY GUARANTEE IN CONNECTION WITH THE ACCURACY OF INFORMATION INCLUDED IN ITS DISCLOSURES. GOOGLE MAKES NO PROMISE TO INFORM ADVERTISERS OR USERS OF DEFECTS OR ERRORS.

5. Updates and Termination

Google may make non-material changes to this Amendment at any time without notice, but Google will provide notice of any material changes to this Amendment. Changes will be effective immediately upon notice. Either party may terminate this Amendment at any time with notice to the other party, but (i) sections 1 and 4 will survive termination, (ii) You must not run any further election ads after termination, and (iii) Your Google advertising terms will remain in force.

Some account and system information will be sent to Google. We will use the information you give us to help address technical issues and to improve our services, subject to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.
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