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ex. Negotiating reduced, lump-sum payments that are regarded as payment in full; negotiating reduced periodic payments, reduced interest rates, and/or fees; debt settlement; debt management plans, individual voluntary arrangements
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Are you or your client either a debt agreement administrator registered with the Australian Financial Security Authority or the holder of an Australian credit license? *
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Are you (or your client) a Licensed Insolvency Trustee licensed by the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy? *
Are you or your client an attorney or certified judicial scrivener? *
Are you or your client a debt counselor registered with the National Credit Regulator? *
Are you or your client a lawyer or law firm licensed to practice in South Korea? *
Are you or your client a bankruptcy mediator registered by the Ministry of Justice? *
Are you or your client either (1) a licensed insolvency practitioner regulated by a Recognized Professional Body or (2) authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority to carry on debt adjusting and debt counseling and to hold client money? *
Are you or your client an approved non-profit budget and credit counseling agency, as defined by 11 U.S. Code § 111, or a national non-profit association representing non-profit credit counseling agencies? *
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