Updates to several Google Ads policies for clarification and information purposes (July 2020)


On 28 July 2020, several Google Ads policies that serve to protect users were updated to better inform advertisers as to the severity of violations of these policies and if they will result in account suspension without notice. Additional clarifications were also made to the policy language to be more clear as to what falls in scope of these policies:

These updates were solely to provide additional information to advertisers and no changes to enforcement scope were made.

In addition, we’ve updated the About Google Ads policy account suspensions and What happens if you violate our policies pages to be more transparent about how we deal with accounts that violate our policies, which is part of our efforts to create a safer ads network for users, advertisers and publishers.

Please review these updates to better understand what ads might fall in scope of our policies, and how we will deal with violations of these policies.


(Posted on 28 July 2020)


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