Advertiser identity verification and ad disclosures FAQ

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About advertiser identity verification

Why is Google implementing this programme?

Our goal is to improve trust in the ads ecosystem by providing users with more information about advertisers. Through advertiser identity verification, we'll verify the name and location of our advertisers through a phased rollout. This is part of our larger effort to increase transparency, choice and control to users.

Who has to complete advertiser identity verification?

Advertisers that are required to complete the advertiser identity verification will receive an email and an in-account notification. Advertisers promoting products or services; information, advisory or educational content; or content related to regulated industries will be prioritised for verification.

You can find out more information here.

How long does advertiser identity verification take?

This depends on your account setup and whether you run ads for someone else. For advertisers completing the verification for themselves the programme will normally take 3-5 working days to complete. For agencies completing the verification on behalf of advertisers, the verification programme is a two-step process, with each step taking about 3-5 working days, including review and approval.

More detail on the steps required can be found here.

How do I complete advertiser identity verification?

You are only required to complete identity verification if Google sends you a notification email. The steps required to complete identity verification for certain Google Ads accounts may differ, depending on your account and structure, your billing setup and if you are advertising on behalf of an organisation or individual. 

Follow the instructions in the email and in-account notification. More detail on the steps required can be found here.

Can I choose not to complete advertiser identity verification?

If you have received an email asking you to get verified, you must complete the advertiser identity verification programme. If you do not start the programme within 30 days, your account will be paused.

Are there requirements for the ‘advertiser name’ field?

The advertiser name must be your legal name, and match the name on the registration documentation that you submit, or your government-issue ID if you are an individual. ‘Doing business as’, brand or product names that are not legal names are not allowed. We are currently running a beta for advertisers who are set up on monthly invoicing to use their trademark name. You can find additional requirements here.

What do I have to submit for advertiser identity verification?

If you're an organisation, you'll be required to submit official documentation that includes your legal name and address. The payments profile admin will also be required to submit a government-issued ID. If you're an individual, you'll be required to submit a government-issued ID. Acceptable documents by location are listed here

Advertisers setup on monthly invoicing have different requirements outlined here.

Who is an ‘authorised representative’?

An authorised representative is an admin of: 

  • The Google Ads account and/or 
  • The payments profile paying for the ads

If required, you’ll be asked to provide documentation to complete verification.

I’m an agency – how do I get verified?

You must complete the verification on behalf of the advertisers that you represent. This means that the ‘Advertiser Name’ must be your client’s name, and any official documentation must include your client’s name and address. If you represent multiple advertisers, you will need to complete the verification process for each unique advertiser.

Instructions on how to complete verification as an agency can be found here.

I've already completed identity verification, why have I been asked to complete it again?

Every Google Ads account must be verified separately. You will be asked to verify each of your accounts progressively, as Google expands the programme. Additionally, you may be asked to complete verification periodically.

Can I voluntarily complete advertiser identity verification?

The opt-in functionality to request verification is currently not available. We will notify advertisers if and when this feature becomes available. Please only apply for verification for the Google Ads account listed in the notification email.

Can I verify all my Google Ads accounts at once?

This functionality is currently not available. Please complete identity verification for each Google Ads account separately, as requested in the notification email.

My ads are not serving – what do I do?

If you did not submit documentation for identity verification within the 30-day period, your account will be paused. If you fail to complete the programme within 30 days once you submit documentation, your account will be paused. After you complete identity verification, your account will resume serving.  Follow the instructions in the notifications that you receive to complete the identity verification.

About Ad Disclosures

What are ad disclosures?

Ad disclosures provide more information for the user about the advertiser, including name and location.

Why is Google adding new ad disclosures?

As part of Google’s broader efforts to increase transparency for users, and maintain trust in the ads we serve, we will make more information about our advertisers available to users. You can find more information here.

Where is Google getting information for ad disclosures?

An advertiser’s legal name and location will be sourced from the verification documents submitted by the individual, organisation or representative of the organisation, and reviewed by Google through the advertiser verification programme. If an advertiser fails to complete the verification process, Google will stop showing your ads.

What information will Google be sharing in the disclosures?

For advertisers that have completed advertiser identity verification, your advertiser name and location will appear in the ad disclosures. For advertisers based in a location where we currently don’t support verification, your location will appear in the disclosures.

Will Google disclosure any other information?

As part of Google’s ongoing transparency efforts, we may make information about your Google Ads or DV360 accounts and ad campaigns publicly available as outlined in our advertiser identity policy.

Who sees the ad disclosures and where can I find them?

Users can view the information when they click on 'Why This Ad'. More information on how they'll appear on different ad formats can be found here

Do the disclosures appear on all ads I run?

If you have completed the advertiser identity verification process or submitted additional information regarding your identity (see above), all ads in your account will be eligible for disclosures. More information can be found here

Do ad disclosures change the look of my ads?

No, your ads will appear the same. A disclosure will be added behind the ‘Why This Ad’ button.

Do ad disclosures impact how my ads serve?

No, disclosures will not impact ad serving.

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