Update to Event ticket sale policy (November 2018)

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In November, 2018, the Event Ticket Sale section of the Other restricted businesses policy will be updated with the following changes: 
  • Google will no longer certify advertisers as hybrid ticket sellers. Previously, if your site had primary inventory available for all events on the site at one point in time, your account was certified as a hybrid. Starting November, 2018, Google will simplify its policy and will certify advertisers who sell any resale inventory on their site, as resellers.
  • If an advertiser has a legal agreement with an event-associated group which specifies that they can refer to themselves as an official reseller for the event-associated group, the advertiser will be allowed to have the term “official” in ad text, using one of the approved phrases. However, the advertiser must provide documentation. This is an expansion of a beta feature that was previously available for US professional sports leagues only. 

The Other restricted businesses policy page and the article, About event ticket reseller certification, will be updated when the policy goes into effect.

(Posted October 2018)

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