Update to Event ticket sale policy (September 2018)

On November 12, 2018, the Event Ticket Sale section of the Other restricted businesses policy will be updated with the following requirements:

  • Ticket sellers who qualify as primary providers will need to be certified with Google. Note, however, that primary providers will not be subject to the ad and destination requirements that other types of non-primary ticket sellers must comply with. Google will make an effort to automatically certify all known primary providers. You can reach out to your Account manager or the Google Support team to confirm that your accounts will be automatically certified by the time this new policy takes effect. 
  • Post-domain paths and subdomains will no longer be allowed for display URLs in ads run by resellers and ticket aggregators. For example, display URLs like “tickets.com/[path]” or “[subdomain].tickets.com” will not be allowed. Once this policy goes into effect, reseller and ticket aggregator ads which have post-domain paths or subdomains in the display URL will be disapproved. 

The Other restricted businesses policy page and the article, About event ticket reseller certification, will be updated when the policy goes into effect.

Posted September 2018

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