Update to Other restricted businesses policy (August 2018)

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As previously announced, Google will require certified event ticket resellers to provide the face value of the tickets along with the reseller’s price, in the same currency. 

Google will provide advance notice before this requirement goes into effect. In the interim, here are the detailed requirements: 

  • The face value is the original price that the ticket was sold for (excluding any additional service charges). Advertisers may use seller-provided face values for the tickets. 
  • If the reseller doesn’t know or can’t establish the face value of the ticket, providing a best-guess estimate is acceptable. However, consumers must be notified that this is a best-guess estimate. For example, if you’re reselling a ticket that was originally a complimentary ticket (gifted at £0 or equivalent currency), the consumer purchasing the ticket must be informed that the ticket has an estimated face value of £0.
  • The face value must be provided as part of the tax/fee breakdown in the checkout process, and must be in font size that’s equal to or greater than the font size of the majority of the text in the checkout process. 

(Posted August 2018) 

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