Showcase Shopping ad requirements

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Showcase Shopping ads are an addition to standard Shopping ads, and the format-specific requirements are explained below. Note that standard Shopping policies apply to this ad format, and in some cases Google Ads policies also apply.

Showcase Shopping ads are managed in Google Ads, but they can only be used if you have a linked and fully functional Merchant Center account. Learn how to create a Merchant Center account.

Destination mismatch in Showcase Shopping ads

The following is not allowed:

 Display and Destination URL domains that don't match the domain that was claimed in the associated Merchant Center account

Learn how to claim a domain in your Merchant Center account.

Headline and description requirements in Showcase Shopping ads

Headlines and descriptions are optional. The following is not allowed:

Headlines or descriptions that contain specific delivery costs

Note: Offers for free shipping can be included in headers and descriptions.

Learn more about delivery settings and requirements in Merchant Center.

Adult content in Showcase Shopping ads

The following is not allowed:

Adult-oriented content

Examples: Sex toys, sexually suggestive lingerie promotions, erotic content or other adult-oriented products

Learn more about shopping policy for adult-oriented content.

Alcohol in Showcase Shopping ads

The following is not allowed:

Alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic equivalent

Examples: Beer, wine, champagne, hard alcohol or alcohol-free equivalents

Learn more about shopping policy for alcoholic beverages.

Related policies and common disapprovals

The following policies are particularly relevant to Showcase Shopping ads and are often associated with disapprovals. Learn about what happens if you violate our policies.

Currency consistency

For merchants promoting offers to multiple countries, keep in mind that you must list products in the same currency as the one used in the target country. See the Shopping requirements for currencies for more information.

Gambling-related content

Advertisements for gambling-related content are restricted. Learn more about gambling-related content policy for more information.

Healthcare and medicines

Advertisements for healthcare-related content are restricted. Learn more about shopping healthcare and medicines policy for more information.

Language mismatch

The language that you use in Showcase Shopping ads, on your landing pages, and throughout the checkout process needs to be a supported language in your target country. For countries that support multiple languages, keep in mind that your product landing pages must be in the same language as your product data. See the Shopping requirements for languages.

Local legal requirements and safety standards

Merchants are always responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations in the areas where they promote their products. See the Shopping Local legal requirements and safety standards policy for more information.

Sexual content

Non-family safe content is restricted in Showcase Shopping ads. This includes promotion or sale of merchandise that's intended to enhance sexual activity, content containing sexually suggestive text, images, audi, or video, and content containing sexually suggestive poses.

Tracking policy

If you use a third party to track engagements for Showcase Shopping ads, the information from or derived from users engaging with your ads on Google cannot be used by you nor by any other party for creating targeting segments, remarketing purposes, or performing any browser or device fingerprinting.


Google Shopping doesn’t restrict use of trademarks by merchants in the title or description of an ad when it’s for a trademarked product or a product compatible with the trademarked product. Learn more about trademarks policy.

Unsupported Shopping content

Non-retail products and some other unsupported products can’t be promoted through Shopping or Showcase Shopping ads. See the Unsupported Shopping content policy for more information.

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